1 December 2006

My beautiful Shoes... before & after

My shoes. My beautiful shoes. The shoes I bought in Alexandira, Egypt. The shoes I purchased for £12. What a bargain! The shoes, which are authentic Levi's shoes. The shoes, which I've had for only 7 months!

Hmmm... either I've been doing a lot of walking of thems ain't real Levi's. Of course, I did step in a puddle of acid last week.

I returned from Holland a few days ago and head to Croatia again tomorrow. Ten days this time.


  1. Anonymous22:51

    P.s. i know you said you're a hetro but your profile pic doesn't actually promote that! and as for you standing outside a door in cork.........frodo eat your heart out! you look like a midget standing outside his little house.....albeit a cute midget, but still a midget!

    made me laugh!

    take care x

  2. Anonymous16:59

    Wednesday, October 11, 2006
    Update (minus the spell-check)

    Remember this entry dipshit. Obviously the same shoes wore out twice. Never try to bullshit a Podiatrist.

    Your trip sounds awesome. Nice to know that you can go to Amsterdam and not get stoned. Or am i just kidding myself?

    Luv Ya


  3. Hey Rosie,

    I was just thinking about you the other day. It's good to hear from you!

    Hmmm... so tell me honestly: do you think my sexual preference male, female or sheep?

    What have you been up to in the last while? Any more trips planned?

  4. Vatch,

    Are you impressed with my self-control?

    As for the shoes... it was a continuous progression over about seven weeks. The first photo was in mid-September, the second photo was in early November.

    Therefore, I walked on very bad footware for almost two months. Does this mean I'm going to die?

    I simply had no time to go shopping. Too much to see and do. My NEW shoes were purchased right by the Vatican. That means they're HOLY shoes!

    Hope the family is well, bro.

  5. Anonymous08:27


    was busy swotting for an interview, dunno why though cos it went shit!
    Sorry to disappoint you but life's been pretty boring, hoping to do Ben next april......that's Ben Nevis, just in case you thought I was talking about a man!!! And then, finances permitting, the Inca trail in Peru about summertime.
    In reply to your question, am a bit puzzled as to your preferences........maybe you are too!!
    So the only possible answer I can give is....
    Hetro by day......
    Homo by night.....
    and definitely sheep on the weekends!!!

    Take care
    Rosie x

    P.s. Hurry up and blog some more!


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