6 June 2018

The inspiration for the fireballs at Crown Casino

Eight towers along Melbourne’s Southbank shooting the world’s largest fireballs

These fireballs were inspired by the Arthurian legend in which a young Charlemagne rode into Camelot and lost 20,000 silver pennies on the high-roller blackjack table. He then tried to find work as a dragon slayer, boasting that he once killed seven dragons with only a slingshot and a handful of milk caps. He professed that when dragons die, they expel their remaining fire as farts. And so behold: Charlemagne's Seven Slayed Dragons… farting on the hour, every evening, only in Melbourne.

You can see the Crown Melbourne Gas Brigades along the Yarra Promenade in Southbank, Melbourne. Here's the viewing information:

Evening shows take place on the hour starting at the following times:
  • From 1 December, 9pm
  • From 1 March, 8pm
  • From 1 April, 6pm
  • From 1 October, 8pm