18 March 2018

When you think you've won a prize but your girlfriend points out it's a scam

A comic of a man winning a prize and then learning he was scammed.

I'm usually awesome at spotting a scam, so please, let me elaborate.

Last weekend, I received a text message on my phone from Woolworths, congratulating me on winning a $500 Woolworths Giftcard as part of their Customer of the Month program.

You might think this alone screams "SCAM, SCAM, you idiot! Burn your phone!"

A screen shot of a scam SMS from a legitimate sender.
But I've previously ordered groceries online from Woolies and, as it happens, this SMS was from the same sender.

Scammers can't hack and commandeer a phone number, can they?

I thought it was possible, but wait, there's more...

By coincidence (or not), I had only recently filled-out one of those Woolworths experience surveys. "Tell us what you think for a chance to win a $100 WISH Gift Card."

I thought if I submitted an extraordinary amount of detail and helpful feedback, I may be rewarded with a "randomly chosen" prize. Wink wink

So I filled that survey like a champion.

I commented on the cleanliness of the store, the selection of products, the layout, the architecture, the feng shui and the spiritual energy.

So when I received the text message congratulating on winning not $100 but $500, I thought, "Yes, that makes sense. They have rewarded me for my extra effort. My feedback has stood out amongst that of the peasants. Huzzah!"

I ran upstairs to show my girlfriend this wonderful boon.

A screen shot of an email that requests Woolworths experience feedback.

She was happy for me, but lamented that she has never won such a prize. "I fill out those things all the time too!" she said.

But my feedback was really awesome. She did not understand.

I strutted downstairs like a South Korean kid walking in on a BBC interview – like a boss.

Moments later: "Honey!" my girlfriend called out. "That's a scam."

"No, it's not." I explained my rationale for believing it's legit. I described my stupendous feedback.

She gave me that oh-dear-I-feel-sorry-for-you look. Yeah, you know that look.

I finally clicked the link.

Fuck. It was a scam.

Day ruined.

A screen shot of an online survey.
This is what the dodgy link led to. I want my $500 gift card, Woolworths!

I should've known the SMS was a scam by the spelling of giftcard (rather than gift card).

Have you been scammed when you should've known better? Have a whinge in the comments below.

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