28 February 2013

Sexy Paraguayan Shop Assistants

When I was visiting Ciudad del Este, in Paraguay, my host took me into a department store. I noticed that the store was filled with attractive women wearing short skirts and high heels. As it turns out, that is their work uniform. It's quite clever really. If shop assistants
dressed like that here I would probably go shopping a heck of a lot more.

Probably more surprising than that was the security guards posted at the door of every third or fourth shopfront. These security guards had enormous shot guns in their hands, at the ready, with their fingers on the triggers. They also had supplementary handguns on their belts.

Sounds like the city of sex and crime, don't it?
I had a great time there... for other reasons.


  1. Funny, you published this blog the same day I was visiting Ciudad Del Este¡

    1. Wow... that's so cool!! =)
      I loved Ciudad del Este. Have a great time there, my friend.


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