School's out!

Today was my last day of class. Yay!!!

I recently learned that in Argentina - and apparently in many other countries - when someone has a reason to celebrate, e.g. birthday, accomplishment, etc, then that person is expected to bring a cake and gifts for everyone at their work or school or place of daily attendance - inviting all their colleagues to celebrate the accomplishment with them.

This seemed very self-indulgent and egoistical to me, but I thought I would integrate my new knowledge of local custom as an excuse to bake my first cake. Chocolate, of course.

I bought the necessary 24cm diameter, 8cm deep baking tray, the cake mix, the icing mix and followed the instructions. I know it's not difficult to follow instructions, but Debora - with whom I am staying now - only has the most basic of facilities and utensils available in her apartment. For example, I mixed the cake in a cooking-pot for 10 minutes with a spoon; I placed the mix in an open with a mystery temperature, hoping it was in the vicinity of 160º; and I crossed my fingers that the heat leaking from the disjointed door of the oven wouldn't effect the fertilisation of my baby.

It came out perfect. Well... let's say almost perfect - a tilt on the baking shelf meant that my miracle baby had a slanting head. But I easily covered that with a toupée of chocolate icing. Perfecto!

After my final class finished I was presented with a certificate of accomplishment- I reached the level of Pre-Advanced Spanish - and I invited everyone to help me celebrate my accomplishment without ego.

Here... have some cake!

* * * * * * * * * *

Para mi profesoras...

Muchas gracias para todas. Me gustó mucho la ultimo 9 semanas. Prometo que trataré acordarme de usar mis preposiciónes y prenombres de objetos directos... un día, jeje. Gracias por su parte, y su ayuda, en mi viaje.

Pero el lunes... estaré feliz por dormir ;)