More people who love Vegemite

I met some friends in the park last weekend. I had some Vegemite left over from the Australia Day celebrations and some of my friends - who couldn't make it on the day - wanted to have a taste. I think they loved it...

[Below] These next two were just a couple of girls who were selling cake in the park. First I offered them an exchange - Vegemite for cake - but when they said they weren't allowed to I gave them some Vegemite anyway.

[Below] I think his t-shirt is appropriate - he said he didn't like the Vegemite, but he was "Probably lying." Though it did take him 10 minutes, and a lot of guilting, to finish that one little piece.

[Below] These guys were from Finland. They shared one piece between the two of them and still had trouble finishing it - saying it was disgusting. This was quite ironic considering the aniseed candy they left behind - which resulted in most people spitting it out at almost the instant it touched their tongues. Though I quite liked it and ate seven at once.

[Below] "Before & After" of random people. This group of girls saw me taking photos of everyone and called over to me to take their picture as well - hence the happy diorama of them all smiling and waving. I then offered them some Vegemite. The girl that tried it screamed! She then spat it out, and continued to spit all the infected saliva in her mouth. She said Vegemite is evil and then told me I am evil. And then asked to see the tube to make sure she wasn't poisoned. Luckily my friend came along and ate what remained of her piece, proving it is a food substance after all - or at least that it's edible. I think it's needless to say none of the others tried it, and actually they all moved to the other side of the park a few minutes later.

I can honestly say I was deeply shocked. The ratio of Vegemite on her piece was actually in very good proportions to the butter and bread. I sincerely didn't know why she was screaming. Though I love the Vegemite stuck to her teeth ;)

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