29 January 2009

Everyone loves Vegemite

I will write about the Australia Day picnic very soon - I've not had much spare time these last few days as I've had about a hundred emails to answer. I'm slowly making my way through them. Thank you everyone for your beautiful birthday wishes! :)

Just to keep you going, here are a few images from the Australia Day picnic I organised on Sunday. I was able to provided everyone with a sample of Vegemite to taste. See how everyone loves it! I think there is a market for it over here. What do you think?

Here is the best comment someone has emailed me so far:

"I am an electrical engineer and my hobbie is to repair vintage audio and video equipment. After 50 years, some materials suffer from a chemical reaction (mainly due to humidity) and for example I am very familiar with the smell coming out of rubber after this reaction happens. This is exactly what came to my mind when I tried Vegemite. It tastes like rotten rubber" - Pablo, Argentina

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  1. Anonymous23:49

    I just love Fede's reaction!

    I'd feed him with Vegemite, at least once a week, just to have a good laughs!

  2. Anonymous00:34

    My God, the poor people! :)

  3. haha... which one is Fede? Is he the one we force-fed Vegemite so we could capture his reaction on film? hehe.

    I've got some more Vegemite - and plenty of space on my memory card - if you do want to make this a weekly event ;)

  4. I couldn't go there but I would love to taste the Vegemite once and for all!!

    those faces are killing me!

  5. No worries, Lord Khyron! I still have some Vegemite left over. Let me know if you want to try it. :)


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