Day 1 - Salvador, Brazil

Today I learnt that Brazilians love to eat! My goodness, do they love to eat!!! Today I shared a meal-for-one with my host in Salvador and we had LOADS left over. To clarify, it was two beef steaks; a super large, steroidally enhanced chicken thigh; two chunky sausages; a bowl of rice; a bowl of beans; a bowl of potato salad; a bowl of ordinary salad and a bowl of some yellow powder. Mind you, they were all delicious. I made sure to clarify with the waiter that this actually was a meal for one - as I simply didn't believe it - which he acknowledged. I think a meal-for-three would have been more beleivable. There were a couple of dogs around, scavanging the scraps from the tables. I believe these to be the best fed muts in the world.

We then went to the best ice-cream shop in town for 2 scoops of their finest and were handed a half-litre of sugary cream in a cone. I actually managed to finish mine - before the 30 degree Briazilian Winter sun melted it - but I am now suffering the consequneces and have a tissue held to each ear in an attempt to soak up the mint ice-cream trickling out of the left ear and chocolate seeping out of the right. Please don't ask what I'm using to type... you'll either be impressed, aroused or horrified ;)

Obviously I've arrived safely in Brazil, though I didn't sleep much on the 9-hour flight - I don't think the stewardess liked me, as she woke me up every time I fell asleep. My awesome host and her sister were kind enough to pick me up from the airport and welcome me into their home. We're going to a birthday party tonight, so I think I had better go spend some time on the toilet in case there's food invovled.

This sweet woman was selling bracelets and necklaces on the pedestrian mall in the historical part of Salvador. I didn't buy anything but she gave me a bracelet - a cool one - for free. "Present, present," she said. That was the second present I got today - a guz earlier gave me a ribbon for my other wrist. The woman then went on to explain all her medical problems to my host - even going so far as to pulling out a medical report - in an attempt to convince her that she should definitely buy the necklace she was eyeing. She was a very nice old-lady, and Paula, my host, did eventually buy the necklace.

We walked into this room of a church and were horrified with the graphic 3-dimensional depiction of blood oozing out of Jeses' chest wound.

We were walking along the pedestrian mall, these kids were cart-wheeling and flipping - the new way to get to point B.

A bit of the Salvador skyline.

Kids on the beach, enjoying the sun, enjoying the water, enjoying the simplicity of life.

Phone-booths in Brazil look somewhat like this - dome-shaped. Though this is a particularly more coloured one.

The favelas - the Brazilian shanty towns! I have been told by many people, including many Brazilians, never to go in there alone. So I'm gong there tomorrow. haha... just kidding ;)