The Swiss have attempted to forge the luscious, black, Australian gold which we call Vegemite. They call this mockery of cluminary perfection Cenovis and they use to flavor souple, sausages and salads. And, of course, to spread on buttered toast - "Consecrated bread for the tall and the small," as quoted on their website.

Like Vegemite, it is a product based on yeast extract and rich in Vitamin B1. Here's the company's story behind Cenovis:

"In 1931, a brewer recycled the yeast used for the fermentation of beer: vegetal substances very rich in vitamin B1. After several tests, the product was perfected and a group of Swiss brewers launched Cenovis; the products was an immediate success and the famous spread was so good that it was included in the rations for Swiss soldiers... Healthy and strong soldiers!"

Actually, to be honest it's not too bad at all - just a lot more viscous than Vegemite and stored in a tube, but that's the Swiss... always trying to make things better.

From their Website:

"Cenovis acts directly on concentration, growth and the vitality of muscles and nerves."

What's better: Cenovis or Vegemite?

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